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On Thursday night I joined a Candidate’s Debate Zoom call sponsored by the Billerica Minuteman and BATV. This was a recorded debate moderated by Joy Hosford. I’ve been preparing and studying up for this debate for weeks and I planned to take all of my talking points from my blog: . I went to this debate prepared to be challenged by my primary opponents, Bill Bulens and Chris Tribou. I was completely surprised by a 180 degree turn in both of my opponents position. Marlies Henderson was also there but her statements were all inline with her campaign - sensible green growth. Thank you Marlies for remaining true to your campaign. The Committee to Elect John Meneghini 33 Timbercreek Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 Email: Phone: 978-435-4224

Billerica Minuteman Interview

This week I was interviewed by Joy Hosford, Senior Multimedia Journalist, from the Billerica Minuteman.  The interview can be seen here:

Billerica Minuteman Candidacy Announcement

This week I announced my candidacy with an article in the Billerica Minuteman.  My candidacy announcement can be see here: The Committee to Elect John Meneghini 33 Timbercreek Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 Email: Phone: 978-435-4224

High Density Development on Commercial Property

  Q: Understanding our shared opposition to the PUD bylaw, what is your solution for redevelopment of industrial properties? Does housing belong on land zoned industrial? If so, what would be an acceptable type of housing and/or number of units in one overlay? As I have stated in a previous post, encouraging the redevelopment of industrial property through the use of the PUD zoning law is the source of the problem. I've already made it clear that I want to see the PUD zoning law repealed.  There are already a number of zoning laws available - including some mixed use overlays - which allow developers and commercial land owners to effectively "re-zone" their property for residential use. The problem is, this PUD zoning law is specifically written to allow high density development on commercial land. You don't need to read any further than the first paragraph to see this. 5.E.9 PLANNEDUNITDEVELOPMENTDISTRICT Statement of Purpose and Authority The purpose of thi

Open Space Zoning

  Q:  Currently under our zoning bylaws, Open Space Zoning does not exist. Believe it or not, Jones Forest is zoned industrial. My first question is; Do you support an Open Space Zoning Bylaw? If so, how would you define open space and put this bylaw into practice?   Do you support a tree protection bylaw for Billerica? If so, what would you like to see included and excluded from the bylaw? I would have to do more research into these topics before I can say that such proposals are possible but I am definitely in support of doing more to protect the unnecessary destruction of trees and natural habitat.  In my opinion, deleterious laws which make it difficult for home owners to care for the habitat they have on their own property would be undesirable.  However, regulating how developers unnecessarily clear-cut trees - as they did on the Pond Street solar project - is something that is within the per-view of the Planning Board and as a member of the Planning Board I would do all that I ca

BATV Candidate Statements

If you watch the BATV candidate statements my video is not included.  This is because of some last minute production problems.  Specifically, I was not supposed to have my sign up in the background of the video.  However my candidate statement will be broadcast on BATV immediately following the the other videos. So if you'll stay tuned, you'll see my candidate statement, without the BATV banner at the bottom of the screen, immediately following all of the other the candidate statements. In addition, you can see my candidate statement on my YouTube channel: planning-for-billerica . For people who are interested in seeing others' candidate statement here is the link: The Committee to Elect John Meneghini 33 Timbercreek Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 Email: Phone: 978-435-4224

Candidate Statement - Early Release

This is an early release of my BATV Candidate Statement. John Meneghini Candidate Recording The Committee to Elect John Meneghini 33 Timbercreek Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 Email: Phone: 978-435-4224